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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Big Mamma's Day

I've got that reccuring dream doc. Always around this
time of year I have nightmares about mum chasing me
around with a coathanger. Dennis Miller had a skit
about half-price Mother's Day cards: 'I can't believe
you f_cked Dad!'. I'll throw the arena open to any and
all who can come up with something better.

Went to Wal's house (For those who do not know who
Wal is- he is not important) for a dinner not long
ago. It was not a great catch up session with him - he
lay in bed upstairs slipping in and out of
consciousness due to "food poisoning". This "food
poisoning" is code, I believe, for binge drinking, but
he will never admit this. Anyhoo - he has on his
refridgirator (sp?) a set of 'Ye Olde English' word
magnets which I was quite amused by. For those who
haven't seen these there are about 400 words that can
be rearranged, usually during a drunken moment, to
form amusing thoughts and sentences such as 'Put thine
willy into thy wench' (the only one I remember off the
top of my head). Retailing for about $45 bucks a pop.
Guys - use any pretext necessary to buy a set of these.

Amuse your friends, Impress your enemies!

Who was that masked Fat man?


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