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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Caveat Emptor

Roppongi - Takaoka

The sun is a merciless bully with a voice of fire that attacks our eyelids ceaselessly. There is colour, too much colour, that is assaulting our vision so we spend most of the morning groaning and keeping our eyes closed. We are having breakfast at our hotel in Roppongi. Shoving food around really. Not eating anything. Just sitting there sipping an assortment of juices. Literally the last people in the breakfast area. The two remaining waiters hang about, waiting for us to leave.

'Man what a night.' mumbles Nick. Chris and I groan. 'Did we really get that drunk last night? Did I really buy that leather jacket?'
'Yes Nick, you bought that leather biker jacket.' confirms Chris.

Average temperature in Japan: About 31 degrees Celsius.

'Wow. That was stupid of me.' Pause. 'Still, for only $50 bucks Australian, that ain't too bad is it?'
Chris and I look at each other.
'You might want to check your maths there chief.' I warn.
Chris: 'Mm. I think you've got the yen-to-dollar ratio a bit mixed up.'

Realisation hits Nick like surface-to-air missiles.

'Five HUNDRED dollars?!? I've bought a LEATHER JACKET in this HEAT for FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS? Why the HELL didn't anyone try to stop me?!?'
Chris: 'Well, by the time any one of us realised what had happened you'd already bought it. Besides, you really wanted that jacket.'
Me: (laughs)
Nick: 'This isn't funny!'
Me: (laughs harder)

For the rest of the day, all the way to Takaoka (about three hours away from Tokyo), we'd think about the jacket and laugh and laugh and laugh.

I don't not use double negatives,


Blogger Gaijin Girl said...

good to hear i wasn't the only one feeling rough.
er, did i tell nick it was only $50-? i have a really bad feeling i did.
and the sage was right, nick really did want that jacket. there was no stopping him...

3:28 pm  

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