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Monday, July 26, 2004

All silent on the Fat Front

Yeah, it's been awhile.

There's been a problem with me sending ANY e-mails for the last month or so. An internet related problem this time. Seriously. The last time I didn't write for awhile had been my genuine lack of interest in entertaining (I say it is entertaining so it is entertaining dammit!) your miserable lives.The 'New Look' Yahoo has identified me as a computer virus of some form and has refused to let me send anything apart from an odd nude jpeg of yours truly to boredhousewives.com. I'm the one with apron and the rolling pin inserted up my ---( JOKE TERMINATED DUE TO EXTREME BAD TASTE)----

See what I have to put up with? Censorship from 'the Man'.

On a lighter note, Clark (a reformed drunk), Matt (an unrepentant drunk) and myself (a casual drinker) have decided to start up a magazine of some description. It is in it's infancy at the moment, the first issue has yet to be layered....and written, but If I had to make a 'call' as to how it will fare, I'd say it will make more money than Rolling Stones, Spin and The Bible put together. You can place your orders in right now, the first issue will set you back a measley $5,000, or if you would prefer the 'deluxe' edition with our collective signatures and a 100% guarantee that we have not fondled ourselves before signing will cost a cheeky $12,000. GST inclusive. We have yet to receive a single order. Probably due to our complete lack of style, understanding of spelling/ grammer/ punctuation/ English.

The ' i ' in 'team',