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Friday, July 22, 2005

This Certainly is a Big Ad

Community Announcement from Mr.Clark Randerson:

dear all,
this is not an adventure. just a quick note to tell everyone in australia to watch the best show of all time on wednesday night. 9:00pm on abc called we can be heroes. the guy that mixed it is a top nice bloke, but the show is also pissfart funny.

speaking of funny, watch this: the best ad ever: http://www.bigad.com.au/
that's it from me. the funniest tv show and funniest ad so far this year.
enjoy. don't say i don't entertain you. just let me entertain you.

clark "i'm standing outside my embassy with a backpack full of c4 and fertilizer playing rock, paper, scissors with some guy who claims he got here first" randerson

A true, 'Bravehart'-like epic from the dudes at C.U.B. featuring no bikini babes and yet a masterpiece in beer advertising.


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