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Monday, August 08, 2005

Picture a Train Heading Somewhere (Part 3)

Things that will prevent the Trans-Siberian Railway trip from happening-

Money, or lack thereof

The Countess: If you could have any amount of money...any amount of money at all...how much would you want?

Cerebus: All of it.

The Countess: No...I mean what amount?

Cerebus: All of it...whatever you had.

The Countess: Okay, say it wasn't me. Say it was Lord Julius...how much would you want then?

Cerebus: All of it.

Dave Sim, Church & State

Serious savings need to be done. There are plenty of ways a smart, street-savvy and not to mention good-looking guy with a lust for life can make money. All I have to do is chloroform him and rob the sucker.

Language Barrier
My sum knowledge of foreign language is:

I can speak Japanese fluently though like a rude,uneducated child (I learnt Japanese when I was a rude, uneducated child) and read it well enough to make sense of most comics. I studied French at high school and ,if my life depended on it, could probably order an entire meal in France with the manner of a backward peasant who has undergone a lobotomy. My German consists of phrases used in WWII films ('Good Morning Kommandant.', 'Seize the Prisoner!', 'Kill! Kill!') and I'd have a fair stab at the military vehicles and weaponry circa 1939-45 thanks to 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' and other games of that ilk. And I know the pickup phrases in Italian, Swedish, Thai, German and French but I'd be too embarrassed to use unless extremely drunk. No Russian though...the closest would have to be 'cheers' in Polish (pron: Na Zdrovyeh) which works in Russia as well...I think.


Let's be brutally honest: I have honed my laziness to the point of tragic perfection so to even think about thinking about doing something causes me to grimace in physical pain. My blogsite is a monument of projects unaccomplished, dreams shattered and plots foiled due to the parasitic laziness that has clung to the very fabric of my bean. You heard me...Bean.

Life or something like it

And there's always the chance that something really good or really bad might happen in the next 6 months that may change my mind completely maybe even for a good reason.


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