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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fraternising with a Mongol Horde

'I want you to lend me $30 million dollars.'
It was a fairly quiet evening at the Amethyst when Free Beer marched up to me and asked for a sum of money that I would not earn in this, or the next several, lifetimes as I plummet down the sliding scale of reincarnation (from unfit human to insectdom)- amassing a giddy amount of financial and Karmic debt. Strange. I was going to ask Free Beer for exactly the same amount of cash for reasons too numerous to go into here. Naturally I asked him why he needed so many 'dead presidents'.

'I want to start', he said '...a Fraternity.' Free Beer had mentioned this idea a month or so ago when I went to visit him one Sunday. We had just finished watching for the umpteenth time what is arguably THE BEST FILM EVER MADE- 'Old School' - a film about three guys heading into middle-age who are forced to start a fraternity to avoid getting kicked out of a house. We were joking about how cool it would be to hang around all day drinking beer, ogling women and getting 'pledges' to pick up the remains of beer bottles that we'd smash against the walls for no reason. At least I thought we were joking. Evidently Free Beer had been mulling this over for quite sometime and was seeing how feasible it would all be. These days he talks of almost nothing else.

Hell, when you actually think about it, it'd be stupid NOT to start a fraternity.

We've decided to call it 'Genghis House' after the great unwashed Mongol. The artist formerly known as Temujin (1162-1227) started his rookie year off as a goatherd and eventually graduated to the MacDaddy of Asia. Both Free Beer and I love his 'surrender or die' attitude that got him voted 'Most Likely To Kick Serious Ass' several years running.

In space, no one can hear you scheme,


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