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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Somber thoughts for the New Year

At the risk of sounding like 'that guy' at parties who hangs around the dip and is a doom & gloom, end-is-nigh, why is the world the way it is-type, I cannot help but come into this new year in a pretty crappy mood. Feeling "pretty crappy" the luxury of someone living in Melbourne, Australia and not the areas of Asia affected by earthquakes, tsunami and now disease, hunger, homelessness, etc. Having gone on the Bangkok Vacation with Jenks would be a major factor too as both he and I were anxiously awaiting replies from some Thai bar girls we met while there (they are safe- we found out New Years Day).

There still hasn't been any reply from Ruth who had just started working at the Amethyst Bar. She went to visit the north of Thailand but not receiving news makes me a little worried. The tsunami having taken a large chunk of Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Burma (you all know the list) and with the mortality rate rising I've been scanning the papers daily. And brother, is the news not good.

Apart from some gallant behaviour (There was some news item about this guy who took over a tour bus or something. I'm thinking; oh during a tsunami this guy is a hero but if I did something like that sans natural disaster it makes me a criminal. Go figure) and a massive outpouring of generosity that surprised even the UN, there have been some absolute monsters. Paedophiles kidnapping children, rape, mutilation- there was even a f-ckhead in England who was e-mailing the families of those missing to inform them their loved ones' were dead.

Feelin' kinda empty,


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