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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Good Luck Mr. Gorsky!

A CASE of mistaken identity has heaped mystery on the disappearance of a 12-year-old Swede in the tsunami, police said yesterday. The fate of Kristian Walker triggered a police investigation and worldwide media speculation that the boy might have been kidnapped from a Thai hospital. But police said the reports of Kristian being in hospital turned out to be a case of mistaken identity caused by a Thai doctor who could not tell two European children apart. "There is no evidence that Kristian Walker has been kidnapped, but we are still looking for him," Sub-Inspector Stephen Katay said.
The Age, January 7, 2005

They tell me that Buzz Aldrin - the second guy on the moon but you may remember him from shows such as 'The Simpsons'- was the first person to defecate on the moon. I wasn't there obviously. The whole, it happened in 1969 a full (um....um....carry the two..er...) seven years before I was born about 384,000 kms outer space, made the possibility of me experiencing the glory of Buzz doing number twos relatively impossible. However, it's plausible enough. And if it didn't happen- who cares? It's not going to change what I had for breakfast.

The Age article, courtesy of a discarded newspaper on a train, dampens my previous e-mail's preachy ;The End is Nigh! Repent all ye Sinners! Fire! Brimstones! tone somewhat. I'm a big, gullible (a word which has since been removed from the O.E.D.) lout at times. But the truth should never prevent stories. Good or bad. Usually cool stories are not 100% true anyway. Exaggeration, misunderstanding, lies and memory loss contribute to falsehoods being spread around. As long as stories are entertaining I say; let's keep yappin'.

Was there a Mr.Grosky? Nope. But someone like him is bound to turn up on our doorstep or inbox sometime soon.

A thin man ran; makes a large stride, left planet, pins flag on moon! On to Mars!


(The above is an anagram of the Neil Armstrong quote: That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind)


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I hear you got a new barmaid at work... How come she hasn't been written about... I don't see any mention of her crazy room mate either, i was under the impression that this was like a diary yet there does not seem to be any mention of this major event in your life, do they have no importance, or am I I just wasting my time...


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