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Friday, January 14, 2005

Linkin Krap

'PC Load letter?! What the f-ck is that?'
Michael Bolton, Office Space

I have been linking the sh-t out of my blogsite this week. Having been born one notch down on the evolutionary ladder than most of the folks I meet as demonstrated by;

a) my simple vocabulary (communication with the rest of the world achieved by pointing, grunting, barring teeth, farting, etc.)

b) an inability to program the VCR (that's a primitive form of the DVD)

c) my tendency to sit in a cage flinging dung at tourists

d) a friendship group that consists of several equally un-evolved Collingwood supporters (easily identifiable with their sloping foreheads, hairy knuckles, inability to program...etc.)

Where was I? Yah, so I figured it was about time to find out from my housemate Darren, an RMIT lecturer and a nerdly sort (ie, he can type things on the computer that doesn't cause a neighborhood blackout), how to do some basic...stuff...on the internet. And I do mean basic. It must have been an annoying task for him as most of our dialogues were along the lines of;

Me: Darren! Darren!The flat, magic, word-box has gone blank!

Darren: The...? Do you mean the monitor?

Me: Ugh. (Probably means yes)

Darren: Well, first of all put down the crowbar. You won't need that.

Me: Ugh! Ugh! (Bares teeth. Thumps chest angrily.)

So bottom line my blogsite looks slightly less amaturish than before. Some links- the highlighted words-are also pretty durn funny.

The double y chromosomed,


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