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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Google Fat

Search results that have spat people on to Ramblings of a Fatman this week:

'NSA and snuff films' and 'Nude Eskimo girls'

Thanks Google. I welcome freaks with open arms!


Blogger Yawn said...

Supersuckers- wasn't that dude from the Didjits involved with them somehow? Wasn't one of them "Born with a tail?"

8:13 am  
Blogger Fatman said...

What a random segway. Yes- Rick Sims from the Didjits dropped in to play with the band sometime in the mid-90s. (Let me quickly Google this) Ok, more on the Supersuckers here on the Official, "Eddie Spaghetti-approved" site. Some were 'Born with a tail' (rockin' song), at least one of 'em was raised by wolves, all of 'em ROCK! Make the devil sign and point it at the teachers kids.

9:32 am  
Anonymous broadzilla said...

That's pretty funny, actually. Can we talk about Deadbolt now?

3:57 am  
Blogger Obi Won Kenardly said...

Riiiight off the topic... thought you miht get a kick outta this one...


Morbid yet grain realism...

3:22 pm  
Blogger Yawn said...

Yes, Rick Sims- where do I remember that vato from? I think it was Austin ca. 1993. Maybe Houston or Little Rock. I don't remember. Possibly St. Louis?

Who cares? I gotta figure out a way to convince my wife that she and I should divorce because she doesn't accept me for who I am, and therefore if she accepts me for who I am, I can smoke and we'll have peace in the household. (I wanna smoke a bowl right now but she doesn't know I have it nor that I do it as often as I do.)

5:02 pm  
Blogger Yawn said...

I must've been on Negazol or jet lagged when I wrote that. That truly is a random segway considering I can't find it anywhere in your blog now and I swear it was there- it's what made me bring up the Supersuckers in the first place. Was there a post in there you deleted? Maybe it was in one of your comments.

4:20 am  
Blogger Fatman said...

One day you'll turn around and Watongo will be there
Holding a hippie severed head by the hair

Deadbolt, Watongo

Are you also into Deadbolt, the scariest band in the world? I first heard of these guys when my housemate at the time, Mr Neil Bizzaro, played their cd Tiki Man one morning. I was hell impressed with their surfy, psychobilly songs like Who the Hell is Mrs Valdez?, Patches the Clown and Lucy Joke, The which has Lucy Ball in Hell and 2/3rds of the way through the song it becomes Spanish at the insistence of some pompous record excecutive.

Obi Won Kenardly- So being a hairdresser is slightly better than being a prostitute?

Maybe I'm just a Supersucker kind of guy. I have the girth, the bowling shirts with the Clay Smith "Mr. Horsepower" logo and the linguistic skills ('Dude! That was AWESOME dude! Duuuude!') of ye typical Supersucker fan. But hang on...you're trying to convince your wife to get divorced from you? And you're married?

4:35 pm  
Anonymous broadzilla said...

I'm contractually obligated to like any band that has a drummer called 'Tank'. Also, I've been signing in at the front desk of a client's office as Mrs Valdez for years, confident that it would take no less than an expert in ancient Sumatran temple scrolls to decode my handwriting. Except now the new security guy calls me Mrs V., to the faint amusement of my colleagues.

I think it's pretty cool in a stupid, juvenile kind of way, actually - who knew he was into ancient Sumatran temple scrolls?

7:38 pm  

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