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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Left For Dead By Snowblind Sherpas

Well it's nice to know that some people (count 'em. Two) care enough about the lack of posting to complain about it. Writing is akin to climbing a gigantic mountain. You sometimes encounter mountain goats, may suffer from altitude sickness (or hypoxia) and can fall to your death. So as you can clearly see it's a pretty frickin' stupid analogy but I'm trying to work in a "climbing Everest" simile. Basically my point being that it takes a lot of time and serves no purpose. Yes- this blog has been neglected and is suffering from hypothermia like that poor bastard on the recent Everest descent. But it has not succumbed to cerebral edema. Yet. It's.....resting. I have three weeks of 14-hour days so writing is going to be limited to Sundays where I'll hopefully be able to write about the week's events. There are other Everest climbers out there (by that I mean bloggers) who can climb (or write or whatever the f-ck I was trying to say but dammit even I'm confused by my own metaphors) despite their obvious handicaps (ie, being a double amputee, blind, gay, just a head in a jar, a fan of Carry On... films, etc.) manage to be prolific climbers/ writers. I am not one of these people. Know this.

Part-Time Scheherazade,


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