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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Joe Skeletor....This Is Your Life!

Several weeks ago my housemate Darren asked me what I thought would've happened to Skeletor later in life. 'Skeletor? From He-Man? That Skeletor.'
'Yeah. Him.'

We'd been sitting at a cafe in North Melbourne at the time and I could see that he was working up....maybe not the courage so much as a coherent way to ask this question. A lot of people, on hearing this question, would have finished taking a sip of their coffee, placed the cup down on the table and backed off quietly into the distance. Then they'd break off into a panicked sprint. As far as their legs could carry them. Maybe change their phone numbers as an added precaution.

But I'm the kind of guy who also asks stupid questions (i.e. the cloning of Jesus) and likes to take them to their logical conclusions. Darren thought that Skeletor, having been robbed of his powers in the very last episode of He-Man, would've settled down and taken a blue-collar job. 'Maybe he's got a really normal first name. Like Joe or something. And we find out that Skeletor is his surname.'
'Would he have kids?' I asked, getting into the spirit of the thing. By the end of our three hour coffee sesh we had quite a lot of backstory for Joe Skeletor, divorcee and father to Christina-Sue and Dwight Skeletor.

This morning Darren asked me if I'd checked Boing Boing recently.
'Nah, not for a while.'
'There's a "Skeletor Show". Someone has actually come up with a Skeletor show using re-edited bits from old tv episodes.'

What I find fascinating about this world is that no matter how apparently wacky an idea is, there is a possibility that someone somewhere else on the planet is thinking along the same lines.

People are strange,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

while you're at it, what happened to bebop and rocksteady from tmnt?


4:50 pm  
Blogger Yawn said...

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5:15 am  
Blogger Yawn said...

I see Skeletor moving into a trailer, going balder, getting fatter, wearing a wifebeater and sitting in a lawn chair out in his dirt driveway drinking Natural Light, maybe Bud Light if he lives next door to a trailer full of Mexicans. He's got a dried-out ever-dying garden out back and sometimes he chases kids out of it with a rolled-up newspaper that he never reads because, sadly, he never learned how to read. He did learn his ABCs though, he just never learned to put them together.

Heh, Heh... my word verification is "hoturgd".

6:25 am  

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