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Monday, February 07, 2005

A Fire Drill

Miko got fired today.

A sudden and unexpected turn of events at the bar- one of longtime employees was subject to a brutal sacking. He was never the most competent....or productive....and getting him to clean the place was always a bit of a nightmare....I'm getting off the point here. He was lovable however and despite his seemingly countless failings he and I enjoyed working together. I am now the Skipper without a Gilligan. A Stimpy-less Ren.

All the old crew (2002-'04) have slowly melted away into better employment leaving Yours Truly holding the grubby ball. Lenny the kind hearted fellow who happened to be born a Fijian killing machine was the first to go. 'I'm going to Sydney, bye.' he said, never to be heard of again. Then B.J. decided to get a job selling houses. Not those silly Monopoly houses but dem big house-sized houses. Then Daniela went off to be a nurse so she can open people up and leave scissors and whatnot inside patients, giving future generations of the medical profession something to do for an afternoon. And my beloved Belinda....gone, taking my heart with her. If only she had burned my tab as well.

Still, the Miko incident has reminded me of the constant Sword of Damocles that hovers above the heads of all hospitality staff. The piranhas of doubt are gnawing at my job confidence. Who'll be the next to go? How much do They know? Luckily I have enough information at my disposal to take a lot of people down with me so I may be safe for at least the next little while.

Still one step ahead of the law,


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