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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Love the Smell of Cabbage in the Morning

Day 10- Had a dream about carnival freaks last night. It probably has some correlation to the fact that the Jim Rose Circus is in Melbourne. For those who do not know who Mr.Jim Rose is, he tours the globe with his band of misfits (according to the press release he is accompanied this year with Bebe the Circus Queen, Rupert the lawnmower wielding salad maker, the world's fattest contortionist- Big Mak, Amber Pie and of course, The Amazing Mr Lifto who can lift things with his genital piercings) and performs pretty weird stuff. Carnies are in these days, Would it be too Insane Clown Posse of me to have a time-travelling bunch of carnies in my zombie novella Slow Rot Boogie? Only time will tell.

I deal with my writer's block in a calm and rational way

Day 11- Bought a computer game for my Playstation 2.

Day 12- Finished computer game for my Playstation 2.

Day 13- Dad's birthday. Zombie book on hold, I decide to go visit him. Luckily for me he is the easiest person to buy presents for...

Me: Happy 65th B-day Dad! Do you want anything special for a present?
Dad: Tobacco.
Me:...That's it?
Dad: Actually, screw that son. Just give me some cash so I can buy myself some tobbacky.

I decide to give him a tin of Dr.Pat's tobacco and a lazy twenty dollars.

Day 14- Back to Slow Rot Boogie.

What rhymes with 'Orange'?


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