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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Wolves are Circling

The Wolves are Circling


A Pound of Flesh, no more no less


I'm screwed big time

by S.Heazlewood, a.k.a. Fatman

The Gestapo have finally found me! That's right- the Gestapo (not to be confused with Geppeto; the kindly old man who carved the puppet Pinocchio for dole scamming purposes and, like Job, was briefly a snack for some whale) the GEheime STAatsPOlizei or the German Secret State Police- the monocle'd ghouls in trench coats in the 40's.

For those who came in Late: Fatman left the meter running in his old house when he left. The meter being a Telstra account that grew to a sizable amount due to an internet-happy leech who moved in to the house after me. This parasite gave Telstra the distinct impression that I owe them a whopping $1,614.95 dollars in unpaid phone bills. That's not a misprint. They want the whole lot. The Full Monty.

I have the next ten days and counting to draft a letter to Alliance who have bought my debts from Dun&Bradstreet collection agencies like some cheap Vegas gangsters. Bankruptcy beckons.

My opium-addled stock broker (current whereabouts unknown) who advised me to invest heavily in a Taco stand in Wichita. It burned down three days later

They'll have to pry that money from my cold, dead hands


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