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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Travel Bento

Japan Trip.
Friends, Romans, etc….listen up. In October I shall be
heading to Godzilla’s favourite lunch- Tokyo. It must
be a good month for travelling since Jenkins will also
be going overseas, to New Zealand, where he is
supposed to be working. This is probably going to
consist of drinking pina coladas (a Maori word for
‘beer’) out of coconuts (‘coconuts’ being the Maori
word for ‘skulls of tourists’).
I am reluctant to tell people when exactly in October
I shall be scooting off since the last time I did so,
around three years ago, I was forced to play poker
till the wee hours. At around the time everyone was
watching Nikki Webster flying around on a piano string
at the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, praying
almost in unison that she would plunge to her bloody
death, I was in the midst of cretins looking at cards,
drinking. Was about $20 down to boot.
Japan it is! Japan, where adults drink beer and read
comic books on public transport. Where the bushido
samurai spirit is awakened in all persons only when
they want to board an already jam-packed train
carriage (amid the crushed bodies of business men
spilling their beer and dropping their comic books).
Where vending machines have swarmed the countryside,
like a dalek invasion. Where game show hosts commit
hara-kiri suicide, live-on-air, if they do not rate
well enough.
Alright, I made the last bit up.
To get into the mood of the Jap Trip ’03 I was
thinking about going to the Great Britain Hotel in
Richmond where they have sumo wrestling on Sundays
5-8. Unlike the North Melbourne Hotel this will be the
real deal-fat suits. If there’s enough interest, may
hold the event this week.
Soba as a Judge,


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